Optimize For Happy Customers Today

Optimize For Happy Customers Today

Have you ever thought of what your goal is when marketing your business?

9 times out of 10 (based on my experience) you will say it’s to make money or to get more clients.

Have you ever thought about optimizing your marketing, and other aspects of your business, to make happy customers?

optimize happy customers

Word of mouth is such an important channel and every single business out there should be receiving referrals from past clients.

The only way you can make this happen is if your current clients are as happy as can be with you.

Some businesses come to me to help them get more clients, but they’ve never realized that getting new clients becomes easier once you know you can make them happy.

Generating Happy Customers (Example)

Let’s create a simple example:

Tom needs an electrician and he happens to find your business (company ABC) online. He knows nothing about you so he digs in trying to figure out if you can help him. Your website has no reviews, and very little information really. It basically says you are electricians with one button: “Get a Quote”.

Tom still knows nothing about you, but the only way he could get to know you and if you can fix the problem is if he takes a leap of faith and calls you anyway.

If tom does call you and tells you his problem, he may be in an area you don’t service or maybe that’s a job that you don’t do. You just ended up wasting your time with someone that will not be a client and Tom’s time too.

Too much mystery, everything is hidden.

Optimizing for happy customers is providing a potential client with everything they need to trust you before they even contact you. To get people to want to call you.

Continuing with the same example above,

Tom happens to find your business (company XYZ). He knows nothing about you but opens up your website to try and see if you can fix his problem. In the website there are glowing reviews, videos that speak to the hazards you have encountered and what to be aware of, your area of service, quality guarantees, etc.

Tom now is fairly certain you are good at what you do and you work in his area. He feels safer contacting you knowing you could probably fix his problem.

That was just the initial interaction with your company. Everything that comes after that should reflect that same feeling.

If Tom was in between the two companies, which do you think he would call?


You want potential clients to already feel like they are paying customers as soon as they start knowing who you are. Your marketing should be about making them happy, provide solutions, and give them enough value that they will choose you over anybody else.

When everything you do is geared towards making someone happy they met you or they bought from you guess what happens…. they become happy customers.

Happy clients that will tell other people about you, and will write reviews, come back and buy from you again.

You see, 1 happy client is worth so much more than 1 regular one. A happy client will make you more money, a regular one will just buy what they need once and never deal with you again.

Think about your process and the journey your customer is taking with your business. Are you making them happy every step of the way? What are ways you could make people happier with your company?

If you needed this service, what would you love to see a company do to make you happy and make you a customer?

Add this idea to the way you market your business, and you will see a difference.

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My name is Jiun and I've been doing marketing for more than 6 years. I'm an eternal learner and marketing is truly my passion. When I'm not up all night reading or thinking of marketing, I like to play video games, hang out with friends, and spending time with my family.

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