Marketing Experiences – The Art of Attracting and Growing Happy Customers

You’ve already been part of several marketing experiences in your lifetime, you just might not have been aware of it.

Think about your favourite brand. Think about Apple, Nike, or any of the world’s top brands.

Their marketing revolves around creating experiences for their audience, so that when they are ready to buy, there’s no better choice but them.

These experiences they craft have nothing to do with their products or features, as Steve Jobs himself very eloquently describes.

It’s about values, purpose… It’s about a feeling.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
— Maya Angelou

Experiences are about creating a feeling for your particular audience in a way that generates a bond between you and them.

A bond that earns their attention and their trust and makes them want to know more.

This can be achieved by anyone (not just companies with deep pockets) through text, images, videos, or a combination of them all.

This is the invisible thread that permeates your entire marketing (and business), creating a cohesive, clear message that resonates with the people that agree with you.

The world in which your prospects and customers live in. The world that builds relationships with people even when you’re not in the same room.

But to fully appreciate this claim, we must understand the shape and dimensions, colours and vibrations of these two essential elements: ‘Relationship Building’ and ‘Worlds’.

This guide will go through each element, the importance of them and how they interact together to build an experience that attracts and grows happy customers.