jiun liao orillia marketing consultant

The Start of it All

I've been where you are. My own e-commerce business failed many years ago because I was “reinvesting” in all the wrong places. My marketing had no direction, I had no clue who wanted to buy my products, and I didn’t understand that trying to be everywhere at once as a small business was a terrible decision. But it helped me find my real passion - Marketing.

I started seeking out companies that I felt could use help with marketing. I didn't even know consulting was a thing! I did tons of research on the companies and provided ways to improve, and they liked it so much they ended hiring me full time.

That's when I started noticing... there's something here...

jiun liao marketing consultant orillia

Why am I a marketing consultant?

Every business owner I've met feels one of three ways: They wasted tons of money on marketing so it clearly isn't for them, they know marketing is important so they keep spending hoping one day their efforts will pay off, or they found a few things that work throughout the many trial and errors but can't really tell why it works. I've met many business owners with the same issues over and over again, and it's a lack of research, strategy, and planning.

Imagine if you knew exactly what you needed to do to get a stranger to buy from you. What type of ads people want from your product, or what type of content they would pay to see from you.

I help companies research their target audience, form results-driven strategies and a plan of attack that is actionable and effective. The result? Marketing only to those willing to buy your product. Making clients so happy with you that they will tell their friends and family about you generating a sustainable, long lasting business. Ready to get started?