I’m Jiun (pronounced like the month) in case you haven’t met me yet.

I’m a marketing strategist here in Orillia and I LOVE marketing. (the real kind)

I’ve been in marketing for… almost 10 years now.

Where has the time gone!?

Over the many years, I’ve seen marketing change multiple times.

New technologies, new channels, new trends come and go.

One thing that has always been true and will continue to do so, is the power of building strong relationships with customers.

No matter what you call it, word of mouth, superfans, true fans, your tribe, your pocket of people.

How to generate happy customers is at the centre of any business.

So I built my company to help marketers, creators, and entrepreneurs, navigate this concept through the ever changing landscape that is marketing.

To that effect, I have an approach that allows me to help businesses like yours in an effective and consistent way.



Where we figure out the human aspects of your business. Who you are personally, who your target audience is, how you build relationships now, etc.


Where the magic happens. Here, we work together to create campaigns and systems that build relationships with prospects and adds value.


The implementation. We perform the work and get it out there to start the next section. We come back to this section and the next repeatedly.


We keep track of results and improve on what we have built over time. Set it and forget is not how marketing gets to where it needs to be.

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