Marketing With Soul

Learn how to grow your business by attracting happy customers through compassion, kindness, and joy in your marketing.

lobo media marketing - local marketing solutions
lobo media marketing - local marketing solutions

A Marketing World Built For Dreamers

Dreamers are business owners, marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, storytellers, or anyone that is drawn to create value for others.

So much value, in fact, that it will naturally help them fulfill their own dreams and goals in life.

Dreamers provide value for others so they can live the life they want to live.

That dream can come in any format: financial freedom, travelling around the world, leaving a legacy behind, changing the world for the better, or simply a satisfaction of seeing someone else smile because of what you do.

Dreamers build a business for different reasons than the average population, but are forced to market the way everybody does because they don’t see any other way.

The business world has taught everybody that marketing is about manipulation, coercion, and distraction to achieve financial gain. As much financial gain as possible.

Keep squeezing until nothing else comes out...

This goes against the way dreamers do business.

They want to help people, they treat their customers with kindness and respect. Their business runs on referrals and loyal customers.

Every time they touch anything to do with marketing, they feel stressed, overwhelmed, and icky. (yes I said it. Icky)

They don’t want to do it or deal with it. It’s a necessary evil.

But marketing doesn’t have to be about manipulation, coercion, or distraction. It can be about compassion, kindness, and joy.

If you don’t feel joy or happiness about the marketing content you are putting out in the world, neither will your audience.

Read that last sentence again.

If you aren’t happy with your marketing, how can you expect someone else to be?

seth godin marketing generous
Quote by Seth Godin

That’s what we’re teaching here.

To love your marketing, to enjoy the content you’re putting out.

The same amount of value you provide to people in person, is the same amount of value you should be providing everywhere else.

But how?

By taking the hard path, by being willing to help yourself in marketing.

By learning how marketing works, and be willing to fight against the current of averageness.

By learning how to build a relationship with someone when you’re not even in the room.

By throwing everything you know about marketing away, and relearning everything from scratch but in a new light.

That’s what we do here, teaching dreamers how to do marketing with empathy and respect so they can attract happy repeat customers. People they love to work with.

To grow their business in a way that allows them to live the way they choose to live, instead of growing because that’s what the business world teaches us we should do.

It’s a radically different approach to marketing.

If you’re a dreamer that’s ready to learn about marketing with empathy, then start with these free guides. (Free guides coming soon!)

If you want to jump right in, check out the services page.

I’m excited to have you here! Let’s change the world for the better together. One marketing campaign at a time.

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