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Strategic Marketing Consultant

Stop wasting money on marketing you hope works.
Start earning money on marketing you know will work.

I work with small and medium sized businesses across Simcoe County that want to understand why their customers buy from them and create strategies on how to get more like them.

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Jiun Liao Marketing Orillia

Marketing that clicks with customers.

Have you ever sat down with your customers and asked them what they think of you or your company? I have been an in-house marketer for many years in multiple companies and the same themes kept appearing. Companies were marketing blindly with no direction and hoping it clicked with someone out there…some day…

Over the years I have developed numerous ways to understand customers and create strategies that will make them love you and keep them coming back.

jiun liao marketing consultant orillia

What you're looking for

Marketing Workshops

Team training in a variety of subjects like SEO, social media, etc.

Marketing Plan

Simple, actionable, effective plan tailored by your customer data.

Product Positioning

Help your product stand out under the right market category and conditions.

Word of Mouth Strategy

Get people talking about your product instead of hoping they do.

Marketing Consulting

Experienced advice and actionable takeaways to step up your marketing.

What People Are Saying

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"I spent years spending money on ads on Google, Facebook, radio you name it. Jiun's research helped us know where we needed to spend money to attract the most amount of leads. Not only did I save money by cutting out ads that weren't working, more and more people look at our website now than ever before!"
Philip W.
Business Owner
"Once we started implementing the marketing plan Jiun helped us build, our customers started raving about us! We finally understand them now!"
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Emma R.
Business Owner
"I never knew marketing was so scientific. Once I understood that we needed to market based on research, our whole company's view changed!"
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Olivia S.
Office Manager

Marketing Knowledge

Learn the best way to market so people love you and keep coming back

Jiun Liao
As a Strategic Marketing Consultant, I believe marketing should be about marketing with people and not to them. Earning your prospect’s attention is much more effective than interrupting them. This is ultimately what I try to help my clients with.
Jiun Liao
You want to ask the right questions during a customer interview. You want to make sure that the time set aside for everyone is not a waste, and you get the data you are looking for. What is a Customer
Jiun Liao
If you have been following me for a while, you know my main passion is about marketing strategy. I always assume people know, but some of you may still be confused as to what that means! Today I will describe