Marketing Consulting

1-on-1 Marketing Consult

This service operates like coaching with a big difference. We select a consistent time to meet and discuss what needs to be done about your marketing efforts. We create ideas and develop strategies/campaigns around them. I make sure everything is on track, and measure results and discuss what to do after. Now the big difference is I can work and help execute the campaigns as well.

This is a very inclusive service where you dictate how much help you actually need. If you’re interested in this service, why don’t we schedule a free 30 minute online meeting to discuss your business and how this works. If this is a good fit, etc.

Instant Marketing Advice (IMA)

A one hour long online meeting packed full of information and marketing advice that will surely benefit your business. While the topics on this meeting are more general, they are by no means less effective. This is a quick burst of advice meant to set you in the right direction. For those who just need minor guidance.

This call includes:

  • How to create an effective marketing strategy
  • How to build and execute a marketing campaign
  • Feedback based on your current marketing efforts