Be Outcome Focused

Remember the first page of this journey? What is the goal you want to accomplish, and everything including your reports should be working to reach said goal.

The goal you have in mind, in this instance, is the bottom. The end game. Where everyone is happy because you generated what you wanted and we helped you get there.

I call this being outcome focused.

Let’s provide the same example as before and say that your goal is to attract 100 new customers through digital advertising. 

Knowing that’s the case, we start figuring out your conversion rates, how many leads you are going to need in order to reach your goal. How many website visitors you need in order to generate ‘X’ amount of leads. 

All of it planned, thought of, and executed for the sole purpose of reaching that goal. 

Tons of marketers out there never bother thinking about reaching outcomes because that’s not what they want. 

They want money. They want the status of “guru”. They want to be an influencer. They want many things, but your ROI (return on investment) is NOT one of them. 

Typical marketer or agency

They look at things from a simple point of view. Ads are meant to attract people, top of the funnel stuff.

So they simply view the experience from the top, which is to use as much money to show as many eyeballs as possible this thing (what you do). 

Doesn’t matter if it’s the right audience or if they’re even looking for something like this.

When you look at advertising as a vehicle that needs to have the right people on the wheel driving everything forward to reach a destination (goal), the whole scope changes. 

You start looking at 3 major things:

Traffic. Conversion. Economics.

Are you bringing in enough traffic for your goal, are you converting enough of that traffic into your goal, and does it make sense financially (return on investment).

Advertising becomes a system for reaching goals and not just a waste of money.

Let me introduce these concepts in a real life scenario. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about a business that came to me through a referral and how I was able to help them save money on their ads.

Their budget was $300,000 a year and I was able to reduce that budget to only $60,000 a year and minimally affect the revenue they generated through ads. 

Their revenue dipped a little but the amount of money they saved on their budget more than made up for that dip.

Their advertising budget became much more efficient. They were wasting over $200,000 dollars a year for negligible results. 

We started looking at their ad campaigns from the bottom (their goal) and changed everything for that purpose. 

Now this example had some very glaring issues but it proves my point. 

Want to see what it took to stop this particular business from wasting an enormous amount of money? 

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