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Hey it’s Jiun,

Welcome to a better way of marketing your business.

This page is the start of a 3-day email series where I will help you understand how to start marketing with empathy

Not with sleazy schemes and lies or omissions that you are probably accustomed to when you see the average marketing running rampant in the world. 

I want to take you on a journey through a new paradigm, a new perspective, on how I view marketing to serve and matter in a world of distraction and averageness.

You are either going to deeply resonate with it or you won’t. 

There’s no middle ground. 

If you don’t, no worries! You can click away from this page at any time and return to the comfortable world you are familiar with.

This is for the business owners and professionals that believe that there is a better way to market out there and want to learn how.

To orient you, this page will provide with an overview of what you can expect as I slowly, over time, unpack the world I like to call Relationship Based Marketing.

Marketing with people instead of to them.

Marketing that is so good it pulls people in instead of pushing, forcing or coercing before you even get to know your prospects. 

Let’s dive in.

The Right Mindset to Bring Better Prospects

Mindset is the frame through which you see the world. Your beliefs, values, fears, and desires combine to determine your overall mindset, limiting or expanding the possibilities available to you.

Your mindset determines the size of your ‘solution space’ — where you’ll look for ideas and strategies to improve. The larger your solution space, the more available options for whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

Think about having to solve a problem when you are stressed or tired. It’s so incredibly difficult to think about things. It’s painful and the last thing you want to do is solve a puzzle — an issue.

In order to perform optimally and you feeling like you are in peak condition, it requires your mindset feeling good about your day or situation. You feel your mind running instead of dragging its heels, you feel like you can accomplish everything. 

When you feel like you are at the top of the world that day, we can access the most creative aspects of your mind to find a way to attract better prospects.

What are better prospects?

They are people that will end up being happy customers.

Think about your business for a second.

Not everybody that buys from you ends up being truly happy. Some may say that it was worth it, or that it wasn’t bad, or may even say “yeah I’m happy” in a polite ‘I don’t care that much’ kind of way. 

Happy customers are those that you can see the excitement in their eyes when they talk to you. The ones that attend every event you are in, or buy anything new you bring. The ones that bring their family, their friends, they hang around and talk to you because they want to get to know you and your business better. 

The ones that CARE.

So once you have the right mindset you will realize that you are not in the business of attracting everyone. Just a handful of people that will love everything about you: what you do, how you do, and why you do it. A group of people you can make truly happy.

This mindset in your marketing changes everything you do. Because your goal when marketing won’t be attracting everyone to make more money. Your goal with marketing will become attracting the right people that you know you can make happy, which will make you more money as a result.

When your objective is to attract happy customers — You will start attracting better prospects.

Typical Average Marketing

Let me give you an example of your average run of the mill marketing with a fake prospect called Jeff.

Jeff just googled something because he needs a solution to a problem he has and he clicks on an ad that brings him to a landing page.

This landing page has the typical outline of “push” marketing:

Feature, feature, feature, buy my product.

Buy, buy, buy, now, now, now.

(And, don’t forget, Jeff sees a timer at the top of the screen reminding him that he only has 8 hours, 58 minutes, 32 seconds before the offer expires — which it never does, it just resets the clock when it reaches zero.)

Objection crushing, fear based copy with a “buy now or else” attitude.

Does push marketing work? 


Because it taps into the dark aspects of the human psyche like insecurity and fear. But as you are well aware, it’s becoming harder and harder to get results from this type of marketing.

Especially online, people are realizing they are in control over their wallet, not the business. There’s more information, more competition, and they’ve been burned one too many times by shady businesses, over-hyped launches, and underwhelming products.

There is a better way to market. A way that will work twenty, fifty, a hundred years from now. 

All you have to do is embrace it.

Modern Relationship Building Marketing

Instead of pushing prospects through a sales funnel, persuading and coercing them along each step of the way …

We can ‘pull’ prospects forward with the power of belief-shifting insights and compelling, empathy-led stories.

The fundamental difference between push vs. pull marketing is the perspective we take when designing our marketing system.

When we look at our marketing system from the perspective of what our prospect wants.

Make your marketing meaningful and valuable — to him or her — before asking for anything in return…

Your prospects will feel an invisible pull towards experiencing more — they want to go deeper down the rabbit hole..

The question to start with is: how can we make our marketing so valuable to our audience that they can’t help but be pulled forward and want to experience more?

Pay attention to this next piece, because it’s an important insight I’m going to give you right out the gate …

Giving value is not the same thing as giving “helpful information”.

Helpful information is a dime a dozen.

Helpful information is knowing what time you close on Tuesdays. It serves a purpose but it doesn’t pull anybody to do anything.

Value that’s truly meaningful takes an entirely different form — a powerful insight.

This series will present you with insights to find, and when you do, everything you see will be different. Everything.

The next step is for you to take.

If you want to come on this 3-day journey to learn about Relationship Based Marketing, type your name and your best email address below.

See you in your inbox.

Jiun Liao

Strategic Marketing Consultant