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Welcome. You are here because you are interested in possibly doing Google Ads for your business to generate more clients.

Advertisement can definitely help you do that, but the way I go about it is not what you are probably used to seeing or hearing.

You see most people often have it in their minds that Google Ads should target everyone with a pulse and basically force them into buying something. 

They just want to advertise to everyone to quickly generate clients without doing any of the work. 

There is a lot of wrong with that perspective, but let’s slowly break this sentence down so you understand how Google Ads should be properly handled.

Attracting the Right Attention

The first thing you should know about Google Ads, or advertisement in general, is that they are more than just attention grabbers. 

We all know the basic idea of ads. You see an ad and if it’s what you are looking for you are going to click on it and boom – sale. Sound about right? Yeah?


Google Ads true objective is to attract the right target market, the ones most likely to buy, and reject everybody else that most likely won’t. 

A lot of marketing agencies out there like to boast of the amount of clicks they were able to bring to you website. 

But here’s the problem, what good will it do for you to see thousands of clicks on your website but no clients? These are two very different objectives.

I hear this kind of thing all the time: “I tried Google Ads for three months and I didn’t get any clients so I stopped it and it was a waste of money. Google Ads doesn’t work and I’ll never do it again.”

If this sounds familiar to you based on experience or from hearing it from someone else, know that this is very common.

Average marketing leads to average results. Agencies spend your money so they can make money, not necessarily so you can. 

Doing Google Ads the right way means putting time and effort into understanding your target market.

What are they searching, why are they searching, when are they searching, etc. 

Because once you know who are the most likely people that will become clients, your ads should only be trying to attract them. Forget everyone else. 

Don’t be happy just because your ads are getting a lot of clicks.

You should be looking for less clicks to your site than the average agency pushes, but higher quality.

Every click that lands on your website should be someone willing to buy or put their info down. They will spend time on your website and not just immediately leave because it’s not relevant to them. 

Will it happen 100% of the time? No. 

But you can rest assured that the chances of actually converting someone to a client are much higher. 

Because anybody that is not your potential marketing shouldn’t ble clicking on your ad. This should be by design

You should look for higher quality, lower volume. The amount of clicks don’t really matter.

What matters is if they are willing to buy what you are selling. 

Advertising With Empathy

“They just want to advertise to everyone to quickly generate clients without doing any of the work.” 

See we just answered the first part of the sentence. Doesn’t that make more sense?

This next part is about quickly generating clients. Particularly the idea of quickly.

The ultimate goal for me when it comes to advertising and Google Ads, is to market with empathy.

Market not to deceive or coerce people into buying something, but create a potential long lasting customer that will buy from you over and over again. 

Lying and omitting important info, maybe putting a countdown clock so people feel pressured to buy works, but only in the short term.

You may get some clients quickly, but they probably won’t stick around. 

You will likely need to keep pouring money to keep attracting more new people and force them to buy. 

You will be stuck in an endless loop. Money that’s coming in is going out just as fast in order to keep the same volume of sales. 

When you market with empathy, and with the goal of creating happy long term customers, your marketing becomes cheaper and easier over time. 

You are likely to retain the clients that came in that believe in what you say, that trust that you are giving them the best solution to their problem, and that they chose to buy from.

That last one is very important. 

When you are being rushed or coerced in to a decision, you feel uneasy as you are not totally in control of the decision. You are on the marketer’s time frame. Now or never.

Impulse and fear of missing out. 

The client didn’t choose you, they got you. 

When you market with empathy and build trust with truthfulness and a sincere want to help them, they will chose you time and time again.

No matter what product or service, because who you are doesn’t change. 

Instead of thinking about how to coerce people into buying something quickly, spend the time developing a relationship with them.

Yes you heard me right. Develop a relationship with them online.

Help them solve their problem with your product or service. Add value when everybody else is yelling at them to buy.

Treat them like humans, like people that come to your store.

When someone comes into your store, you don’t just go “hey what can I sell you today I want to make money from you.”

At least I hope you’re not.

When someone comes in, you ask them how they are doing. Ask them what they are looking for, is there anything you can do to help. Maybe describe them the product or help them make a decision between product A or product B. 

You make them feel comfortable, maybe joke with them a little. You are developing a relationship with them. So why do most businesses forget about this when it comes to online?

Will Google Ads be able to accomplish all of this? No. Ads are short and quick. They’re attention grabbers right? 

They need help developing a relationship from the rest of the marketing system. I’ll go more in depth about this later when you schedule a call at the bottom.

The Work of Google Ads

“They just want to advertise to everyone to quickly generate clients without doing any of the work.” 

Now onto that last part of the troubled sentence. Without doing any of the work.

I think a lot of people misunderstand the amount of work that is required to do a successful Google Ads campaign. 

A lot of stuff is hidden away, because that’s the reason you are hiring a professional to do this right? 

You don’t want to deal with any of it. 

But think about this for a second. You are asking someone to advertise your business when they know nothing about who you are or what you do. 

Yet you want high quality long term clients… how does that work? 

The way I deal with Google Ads is inherently different. You can see that by what I have written so far. I try to understand your target audience and cater the ads to them, attracting them and rejecting everyone else. 

This requires both of us to figure out who your target market is. 

When you are advertising with empathy, we work together to build a system, a world that develops trust and earns attention. 

Everything we do, we do together. 

You are the expert on your business, the one that has met countless people and created many clients. You know your business best. Why not use that knowledge?

Why hire an average agency that will try to mimic your expertise when you are right there!

You are hiring someone to help you with Google Ads because you are not an expert on it. What you should be looking for is someone you can work together with that is. 

You are hiring advertisement expertise, not a pretend expert in your field. 

Creating ads and a campaign that generates clients requires knowledge on both sides to create something great. 

Yeah it’s more work, but it’s good work.

The hardest part is the start. Once that system is built, the time required will go down to a trickle. 

It’s a very interesting way of advertising. One you probably have never seen because it’s so rare.

To have a marketer actually help a business generate clients? Pfft. Bananas. Clicks and pretend results all the way right?

If you’re interested in a better way to advertise and grow your business without compromising your morals, schedule a 30 minute strategy call.

We’ll talk about the exact process of how to achieve better results and how to get started.

Jiun Liao

Strategic Marketing Consultant