[Oct 26-30] The Art of Email Marketing


Email marketing is my favourite marketing channel.

Many businesses believe that it’s only purpose is to send newsletters that just yells out your services to your past clients so they remember you.


Let me show you a different perspective.

Writing an email is personal.

Right now I’m only talking to you and you are only reading about what I have to say.

Your eyes move to the whim of my thoughts put into virtual paper.

We are having a mental conversation right now, and it can be as deep and meaningful as we want it to be.

That’s why I believe that email marketing is the strongest relationship builder out of all the digital channels.

You could have a million followers on Instagram and that would be fantastic, but how many of them actually engage with you… It’s always a small portion.

Same with a website. So many people visit your page and how many actually call you or buy something from you?

Attracting people to your email list (not a newsletter list, big difference) shows intent of wanting to hear more.

You delivering on that promise is the main conductor of a successful email list.

If you don’t deliver on the promise of value, your email list won’t work.

If you don’t deliver consistency, your email list won’t work.

You want to provide consistent value to your email subscribers and promise what that value is to attract more of them.

You email list shouldn’t just be your past clients, it should be new people that never bought from you.

Those people are the ones you can develop relationships with and bring them into your world.

Email marketing is more than just newsletters too, you can write to people intimately like I do, they can be your beta testers (insiders) that benefit from having access to services first.

You can lean on them for support and advice on what they think of your business direction, you can send them christmas e-cards, etc.

Every single thing I wrote just now (and there’s tons more) does only one thing:

It brings you closer to your audience.

If you put out content for the sake of content, or just to try to sell your products, your email list will eventually fail.

Value should be purposeful, meaningful.

This is why I prefer to communicate with you through email rather than send you to my website or my social media.

It’s just more personal talking to you this way 🙂

Tomorrow, my DMP course will launch! I will be summarizing all of the information about the course and what you will get to make sure you have all the information.

What did you think of my email? Let me know by scrolling to the bottom of this email and hitting the thumbs.

As always, thank you so much for your time and attention. See you tomorrow!


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