Everything is about to change


Broadly speaking, change is good. And I’m changing a few things up here on my email list to do a better job of serving your needs (and by extension, the people you serve).

For one, my email list is getting a new name (I’ll reveal this later).

Second, you will see less emails overall from me unless you want to hear more about what I have to say.

What do I mean by that?

Every month I will send you a couple of emails, some will be just valuable content for you to digest and enjoy. Some of it will be based around a specific topic (eg. social media).

If the topic interests you, you will have a chance to show your interest by clicking a link.

This link will segment you from the ones that aren’t interested in the topic. Think of it as VIP access on that specific topic.

You will receive a series of emails to expand on the topic and provide more specific value only to the interested parties.

If the topic doesn’t interest you and don’t click the segmentation link, you won’t receive any more email from me about that specific topic.

My goal is to ‘open source’ my style of marketing. Encourage everyone who resonates with it to adopt it.

It’s about time I officially create a new category in our old-school direct response marketing world.

Upgrade my style of teaching and showcasing my marketing knowledge so only the people that are interested in it benefit.

I don’t believe this old form of email marketing serves me anymore because we (me and you) are playing a different game, the infinite game.

The printing press hasn’t just been invented. Our primary means of transport isn’t a Model T Ford anymore.

Yet we are still sending out email newsletters the same way people used to do it when email was first invented. It doesn’t serve us for long term success.

I’ll show you a very different way of email marketing through this change.

Seth Godin (marketing pioneer, author, speaker, and overall awesome guy) has done more to upgrade how I think about modern marketing than probably anyone else.

Seth’s lens on what marketing represents (the story you tell to people seeking to be heard, turning attention into a promise, and a promise into a brand that matters) has helped shape my thinking, and I’m infinitely grateful.

I fundamentally believe it’ll upgrade how we all serve our audiences, which can only be a good thing as we wobble into 2021, a new changing world being reshaped right in front of us.

I’m officially retiring old-school direct response email marketing, and I hope some of you participate and join me along on the journey.

With modern marketing, we win when the people we serve win first.

You will start seeing this change next week 🙂

Over and out.