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Facebook’s product (and by association every other social media platform) is harvesting the attention of their users.

Their product isn’t their ad platform or their news feed. Don’t delude yourself in thinking that.

Social media is in the attention harvesting business.

Anything they could possibly do to attract attention they will do.

But the attention social media trades in is fleeting.

It’s short.

Social media wasn’t designed for deep meaningful conversations. It was created so people can snack on it.

This is the essence of social media.

Snackable content for snackable results.

And the main goal you are looking for on social media is the quick snackable relationship building queues(likes, shares, comments) that tells you people enjoy what you have to say.

If your content isn’t being liked or shared enough, it’s time to change the way you generate content.

The problem is that every platform does things ever so slightly differently.

Instagram favours pictures, Tik Tok favours videos. Each and every one of them need to be set up differently and request different types of content to generate results.

Also every platform has reporting functions for businesses to keep you informed of your progress.

Have you ever seen a report or used it in any meaningful way?

So many people ask me about Facebook and how to do things properly in it that I decided to make a step-by-step process of the most common questions asked of me.

Installing Facebook Pixel
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This was the catalyst that drove me to create the course. If people wanted procedures for these specific tasks, other people might want other procedures like Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, etc.

Digital Marketing Procedures (DMP for short) will look like the picture below and will have procedures for anything digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Procedures Picture
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This couse will launch at $50 a month and will be available 24/7.

Regardless of marketing experience, these instructions are meant to be easy to follow so you can spend less time figuring out how to make things work.

You will also get access to a private marketing community. More on this tomorrow.

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