Fractional CMO

Let me provide you with some context before I tell you about what a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is.

You are a small to medium size business that is looking to get to the next level.

You’re looking to grow.

So far you have achieved that through referrals. Having a good product or service, treating people well, making clients happy, right?

Very little of your growth can be attributed to your marketing so far.

In fact, you’ve probably been avoiding doing much in terms of marketing all this time.

But now you are at a crossroads. A decision needs to be made to get to the next level or phase in your business.

The only place left with the most potential for growth is your marketing.

Now you have to bite the bullet, and figure out how the hell marketing works because almost everything you hear about it goes against what you enjoy doing in your business.

You probably don’t know much about or care for social media, website optimization, SEO, Ads, branding, funnels, etc.

You just want to work on your business, do what you want to do, but are now stuck with having to make decisions about things you have no idea about.

There’s no marketing strategy in place, no plan.

This is not a small task.

fractional cmo solution stressed overwhelmed marketing
is this how you feel?

You’ve probably gotten by having someone with minimal marketing experience run basic things like your social media, again with little supervision or plan in place.

The little marketing you have done has gotten you nowhere, but that has more to do with the fact that you don’t know where to go with it.

You can’t ask just anyone to make these decisions. To forge a path forward with marketing.

To LEAD your company’s growth with marketing, and create a department that can be efficient and effective in the long term.

You don’t have the time, the care, nor the knowledge to deal with it.

Someone needs to be hired for it.

But this is your business we’re talking about. You can’t just ask any joe blow to do it.

It has to be someone with experience, with knowledge on all the systems needed, someone that cares about the growth of the company.

Above all, it needs to be someone that fits within the same values that has so far made your company successful.

Treat people well, provide a great service, and make customers happy.

You don’t want someone that is going to lie, coerce, and force people into your business just so the reporting numbers look good.

Your business is not about numbers, it’s about people.

Your reputation is at stake, the community you have built is at stake.

You want to grow, but not for the wrong reasons or in the wrong way that will crush everything you have accomplished so far.

That’s what this service helps with.

What’s a Fractional CMO

I see the role of a fractional CMO as a conductor for your marketing.

Do you know the conductors of an orchestra? The ones that keep the timing, the rhythm, telling specific sections of the orchestra when to stop or jump in.

All to achieve an excellent result.

THAT is a fractional CMO in the marketing world.

They are in charge of conducting your marketing department and initiatives to achieve success.

They act as a regular CMO, just not full time. Hence the word, fractional.

A fractional CMO becomes part of your leadership team, attending meetings, making decisions, working within the budget, etc.

They take on the role of leading your marketing for as long as you need them. Integrating with your business more closely than a consultant or a marketing agency ever could.

Based on the same values that tie us together, as a fractional CMO, I would help create a strategy, execute it, manage and train the marketing department, and make the most appropriate decisions based on the goals of the company.

So you would get an experienced marketing leader that can navigate your marketing with you.

But just for a while, and at a fraction of the cost.

See, this is not meant to be a permanent position.

It’s a cost effective way of growing and improving your marketing department until you are ready to hire someone to take it over.

It’s a boost.

It’s a jump start.

If that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for then let’s get together and talk more about this service.

There’s a lot more to go over.

FYI: I’m very selective of the people I choose to be a fractional CMO for. This is not a service for everyone.

It’s for companies that believe what I believe, that know marketing is not about selling, and that understand that building trust and relationships with clients take time.