Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords)

The first thing you need to understand about Google Ads is how Google works. You probably use Google without too much thinking. You’re looking for something so up comes Google, you type something in and Google magically knows what you mean and shows you ads, stores nearby, videos, items you could buy ,etc.

How Google interprets data is the key to understanding Google Ads.

Google Ads services

Understanding Google

Google (search) is all about answers to questions. When someone needs to find a solution, or information about something they go straight to Google.

Those questions often appear as problems or solutions. For example, “fix a leaky roof” is a problem-focused search query because you’re finding information about your problem. You’re asking how to solve it, meaning Google will try to come up with multiple answers.

“Find a roofing contractor near me,” is a solution-focused search query because you are looking for a specific solution. That tells Google to just show you websites that give you that solution.

Both are addressing the same underlying issue, but from very different perspectives.

Other examples:

  • how to lose weight” (problem) vs. “best diets 2020” (solution).
  • lower back pain” (problem) vs. “chiropractors near me” (solution).

The key to understanding Google search is that these queries expresses ACTIVE INTENT. Your Google search ads only appear when someone has actively requested them.

These search queries, or keywords, are the main way to advertise on Google.

For every ad you create, you have to select the keywords you want it to appear on. The selection of these keywords is vital, as the active intent of the keywords can either provide you all the results you want or waste your money.

Based on the goals for your ads, the budget, the keywords, the tracking all work together to provide you results in Google Ads.

Understanding Google Ads

Have you ever heard of Google Adwords? That’s the old name for Google Ads, and it was simply the name of the platform we marketers used to advertise on Google.

It was re-branded to simply “Google Ads” in 2018 but the main premise of it remains the same. If you are looking for people to find your website in keywords related to your services immediately then ads are your best bet.

Below are a number of resources you can read through to understand Google Ads better and make an informed decision when it comes to advertising on this platform:

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