Facebook Ads

If you haven’t read the page for Google Ads yet, I mentioned that Google search is all about active intent. Facebook, on the other hand, is about passive potential interest.

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You see, people that are on Facebook aren’t looking for anything in particular. Most people go on social media to waste some time or check up on how their loved ones are doing. We would be showing them our ads in the middle of whatever it is they are doing on Facebook.

Using a variety of factors — age, gender, geography, urban vs. rural, estimated income, job title, and especially interests — we’re able to advertise to audiences that aren’t actively looking for what we have to offer but who might, after learning about it, be interested.

Let all of that sink in … Facebook users are NOT looking for what you have to offer (a solution for a problem).

In fact, your ad might be an intrusion into their personal space, showing up between pictures of their kids and the latest post from their best friend.

That’s why instead of Google’s very linear problem/solution approach, Facebook Ads are more about entertainment so they stop scrolling, and then provide them with information so they feel compelled to buy. We call this infotainment.

Understanding Facebook

By now you might be thinking that Facebook is not that good a place to advertise since you are intruding in people’s lives for a possibility of them being interested. But you would be wrong.

Facebook is incredibly powerful.

With roughly 3 billion accounts worldwide and the face that they also own Instagram, tons of websites have Facebook Pixel installed which allows them to track people’s interactions outside of Facebook. This platform has a ton of data, and through ads you can harness that into attracting the most likely audience.

Google is based on keywords and active intent, while Facebook focuses on behaviour and interest. They are two completely different ways of advertising.

If you want to target a specific audience, Facebook Ads is the better avenue.

Google is also based on whether people are searching for something specifically. If what you provide is completely new or not something that is being searched a lot, then Facebook is your best bet as well.

Understanding Facebook Ads

Facebook relies heavily on it’s algorithm and large amount of data to find the best people to show your ads to. It’s algorithm swims inside the audience you describe and tries to figure out who is most likely to do the action you tell Facebook. Whether it’s sign ups, purchases, etc.

The next hurdle is creating an ad that connects with that audience. You need to understand what they want and how to show it to them in a way that makes their thumb stop scrolling through their feed.

Facebook ads use images, text, video, headlines and more to try and get you to perform the action you as the business are looking for.

Below are a number of resources you can read through to understand Facebook Ads better and make an informed decision when it comes to advertising on this platform:

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