About Me

jiun liao orillia marketing consultant

I aim to educate and inspire people so that we, together, transform the way businesses approach marketing.

I cannot work with someone I do not trust.

Everything in business stems from trust right? If we do not trust each other, then working becomes like sandpaper. Everything is difficult, against the grain, and feels like it goes on forever. 

I always make a point of getting to know anyone that wants to work together. Do we understand each other, do we have similar values. 

So before you decide to work with me, take a moment to read about me and ask yourself the question: Would I want to work with someone like this? Is this what I’m looking for? If the answer is yes, then I would love to get to know you as well. 

A Little About Me

I was born in a small city in Ecuador (South America). We didn’t have much growing up, not like what you see on the Discovery Channel, but I learned how to survive.

My mother came from a small village in Ecuador. Dirt roads, 50 houses mostly made of random slabs of wood with one convenience style store as their supermarket. My father came from Taiwan after my grandmother shipped all her children to different countries to hopefully find their footing. They were grasping at straws to stay alive back then, and she decided the best option was to leave it down to luck. So my father and his 6 brothers and sisters were sent to different parts of the world to try and make something of themselves. 

Guess what… everyone made something of themselves. 

I grew up in a family that came from almost nothing, and built something. My cousins, my brother and I were the first generation in our families to go to university. I studied psychology.

I met the love of my life at university and moved back to Ecuador to live. Once we got married and had a daughter, we decided it would be best to raise her in Canada. My wife has family and ties to Orillia, which brought us to where we are right now.

How I got Into Marketing

You could say that I’ve always wanted to build something from nothing and follow my family’s footsteps. When we landed in Orillia (Canada), the first thing we did was open an online toy store where we sold STEM toys for kids. 

Going through the process of operating a business, handling the products, customers, the marketing. Everything was a new experience. I loved every second of it. I learned everything from scratch because I wanted to learn how to do it all. I built the website, learned how to do my own marketing (crudely), and dealt with vendors, shipping, everything.

It was the most revealing experience to me. Soon after having my online store, other people we knew wanted to get their business online as well, so they asked for my help. They were impressed enough with my knowledge that they created a job position for me, and that became my first marketing job. 

I built their online presence, their website, and started bringing in leads through my efforts. By this point I was doing what every other marketer was doing. Anything to bring results to the table, nothing mattered except having leads. Even if they had a fake name, email, and phone number, I did my job as a marketer right? (I was very wrong). 

It never felt right doing what I was doing. 

I always had the thought in the back of my mind, that marketing should be much more than just casting a net to attract anyone and scamming them into entering their info.

I started doing a deep search dive, to find people and books that went against all the information I could find easily. It took me a while, but I was able to find a small group of marketers that had a different thought. 

They changed my life forever.

Marketing on a Different Level

At this point I learned that what attracted me about building a business from nothing, was the ability to convince people that what I was selling was worth it. Changing people’s perspective towards a product or service. 

I learned about the old way of doing marketing that most people have forgotten about: marketing with people instead of to them.

Building relationships, creating memorable experiences, pulling people to your world instead of pushing them to buy something. 

The concept is so simple, yet nobody I knew did that. It was easier to be blinded by percentages and vanity numbers, to make the marketing role feel like they were doing something when in reality it was just smoke and mirrors. 

I was extremely lucky to work as an in-house marketer for multiple businesses which allowed me to hone my skills. Experiment and improve upon this marketing idea I had discovered. 

I started teaching my knowledge to other businesses and when COVID hit, I did the unthinkable and started my business outright. 

My perception of marketing, and the way I want to help businesses is not something you normally see. The idea of being human to the people that are seeing your message, your brand. To give value first and generate trust before you even attempt a sale.

I have learned a lot on my journey, and now I try to help businesses learn to do marketing in this radically unradical way.

If you want to learn more about this style of marketing, all you have to do is hop over to my blog where you will find tons of knowledge and value. (see what I did there?)